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How does it work?
The Theory of the "Increase of Reactivity"
by Francesco Piccione


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"interact in unison and in a flash with the others connected to each other".

This state of grace is achieved only by achieving the

"maximum efficiency and speed of transmission and transformation of the electrical energy (that is, of the audio signal)",

passing through them, from one end of the hi-fi system to the other: from the source to acoustic speakers.

1.5 An revolutionary device in CD-R

The Massage Disc© has been specially designed and developed for these purposes.
It is a "CD-R device" containing a "procedure" or "method/process", organized according to a "mathematical function", which is performed or reproduced by a digital reader.

This, by means of the appropriate "electrical stimuli", allows to eliminate or reduce obstacles of any kind, which interfere with the free and correct flow of electricity, even increasing its efficiency and speed of transmission and transformation, from the starting point (
from the audio source) to the arrival (to the speakers and headphones).

This purpose, therefore, is produced both on the individual audio components, including all their internal electrical, electronic, electromechanical, electromagnetic and electrical cables, and on the entire HI-FI system, including audio cables.

An exclusive, innovative, revolutionary and unique product, therefore patented with n. 1.415.104/2015!

An evolution of the "set-up" and "upgrade" concepts.



1.1 Introduction

The Esoteric Audiophile is aware of the fact that any hi-fi system, which aspires to obtain a minimum of sonic performance, requires special care, both in its set-up, and to increase its performance (
upgrade). It is a fact that I have supported since the birth of the magazine HI-FIGUIDE©, which I created in the distant 1998.

Among the many "set-up operations" (
set-up and upgrade), I remind you of two well-known procedures:

  1. the "burn-in" (preheating);
  2. "demagnetization".

However, from my subsequent experiments both were found to be insufficient in several respects, including a quick, effective, efficient and balanced "running-in", let alone for putting in "perfect form" and "synergy" of the individual audio components and whole HI-FI system.

The ideas behind the operation of this Massage Disc© are not widely shared:

  1. the "running-in";
  2. the "perfect form" (improvement);
  3. the "synergy" (increment).

1.2 The Running-in of audio systems

First of all, the "running-in". Not all Audiophiles believe in its very existence in hi-fi systems and, consequently, in the need to do it in a particular way. The few who believe in it are convinced that it is sufficient to reproduce the "pink signal" or, worse, simply to play the music to the HI-FI system.

1.3 The Perfect Form (improvement)

Secondly, putting in "perfect form".
Open up heaven! What will ever mean "perfect form"? All hi-fi systems, in order to express the maximum technical/sound performance, as well as being perfectly "tested", must be kept in constant "training", ie in "perfect form".

1.4 The Synergy (increment)

The third element is the "synergy".
Briefly, it means that each hi-fi component must

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