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The process of buying Massage Disc is easy:

  1. enter on the "On-line Store";
  2. put in your basket the "Massage Disc" with the "Buy" option;
  3. view the contents of your basket by clicking the icon in the upper right;
  4. then click "Complete order";
  5. complete the form in all its parts, indicating the "payment method" (PayPal or Bank Transfer);
  6. now press the button "Submit your order".

You will see a web page with your order number; you will instantly receive an email with your order number, which it is needed to be saved. Immediately you will receive via email also the data to make the payment by "bank transfer" or "postal order".

1. Created and Shipment

Within 72 hours
(*) after we receive the payment, it will be created the customized copy on CD-R Disc

of the Massage Disc© and it will be sent to the address indicated by the buyer.
We will notify you the day of shipment via e-mail.

(*) For 72 hours we intend workdays to the fullest extent, so it is possible to deal with the different orders. Often, we first ...

2. Instructions for Use and Cover

The reception of the CD-R has to be communicated to us by the buyer in order to receive by mail the "Instructions for Use" (PDF) and the file "cover" (JPG).

3. Buy Now!

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