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PATENT N. 1.415.104

Research Report
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How does it work?
The Theory of the "Increase of Reactivity"
by Francesco Piccione


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1.1 Purposes of the invention

This invention relates to a "method/process" that exploits frequencies and their combination for the "running-in", "perfect form" (
improves) and "synergy" (increases) of:

electronic systems, speakers, headphones, electrical and optical cables, audio/video, pro systems, etc.,

by a new and original method, effective, fast, full and appropriate, as well as a rapid settling after a period of inactivity and the change of temperature or environmental conditions.

1.2 The three objectives

The "running-in", "improvement" (
perfect form) and the "increased" (synergy) of the HI-FI systems performance, are made possible only by this extraordinary and innovative "procedure" or "method/process".

1.2.1 What is the "running-in"?

"Running-in" is an operation consisting in making things work such as electrical and electronic equipment, audio/video systems, electrical cables, speakers, and speakers, for a certain time, without exceeding their limits of operation and without excessive effort. It allows the balancing of the various elements of electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices.
In fact, any electrical object, electronic and electromechanical, such as mechanical needs a period of adaptation and adjustment to achieve the best performance and sound techniques.

1.2.2 What is the "perfect form"?

The "perfect form" is intended as the "perfect functionality" in electrical and/or electromechanical performance, reachable only with a this invention.

1.2.3 What is the "synergy"?

The "synergy" is defined as the ability of the components of a set of devices (
for example: digital player + amplifier + speakers + cables) to run at the same time all its various parts.

1.3 Principles of Functioning

This procedure is able to increase the efficiency of electricity transmission in all the elements (

and active) present in an electronic speaker systems, headphones and power supply leads, more efficiently, rightly and quickly than ever before.

The reproduction (
audible or inaudible) of this combination of chosen frequencies, persistent over time, can make a very efficient and fast running-in, it can lead the subject component to the "treatment" to its maximum efficiency (synergy), simply by increasing the efficiency of electricity transmission from one point to another. This is achieved through the reduction and/or elimination of all those physical elements that contributing to hinder the efficiency itself.

These hindering factors exist because of various kinds:

  • a friction in the electromechanical elements;
  • the existence of micro-structural differences between identical components;
  • the electrical resistance present in the components and wiring; 
  • etc.

1.4 Aims of the invention

This procedure uses the principle of improving the efficiency of electricity transmission from one point to another, it is able to fulfill an efficient and accurate running-in, precise and complete in a short time.
The same action permits to reach the "perfect form" and the "synergy" of the individual components, as well as among those connected with each others, getting the transfiguration of the sound of any audio/video system, even of poor quality.

1.5 International Breaking News

The "Research Report", made after the patent application European Patent Office on date 01.04.2014, has recognized the novelty at international level of this method of running-in. Perhaps we are talking about a new, qualified, original and effective procedure.

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