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1. Exclusive features

The "Instructions for use" serves to a "proper use" of the product.

This revolutionary CD-R device, unlike all other products that profess "similar" and whose use is rather limited, lends itself to different uses and ways.

These can be divided into four general parts, according to their purpose:

  • first use;
  • specific use (running-in, improvement and increase);
  • successive uses;
  • particular uses.

2. How does it work?

Is simple!
Just insert the CD-R Massage Disc© into a digital player; press the "play" button; adjust the volume level and let it act until the entire CD-R has finished playing.

3. Modalities of "massage"

The Massage Disc© must perform a proper "massage", not a "scrambling" of the individual components, audio cables and the entire HI-FI system, HT, Pro, cinema, car, PC, etc..

This in order to stimulate the different elements to work better, in unison and lightning, even with signs of weak and very weak energy. This will also produce positive effects at the time of the very strong orchestras.

4. Level of the volume

Among the various measures, it is important to correctly adjust the level of the "volume" of the amplifier.

Once the volume level is set during playback of "track 1", it must never be changed until the entire CD-R is played back.

The continuous variations of the volume in the course of "electrical stimulation", cause alterations in the balance of the "massage" process, favoring the areas and/or frequencies corresponding to the increase in the volume level, to the detriment of all the others.

5. Electrical stimulation

The "electric stimulus" is also implemented by the use of different frequencies, which cannot be heard or played from the speakers.

Therefore, the level of "volume" must be adjusted according to what is heard during the execution of the first "track".

You also important not raise the "volume" during the mute tracks reproduction.


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