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Patent n. 1.415.104


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Massage Disc - Running-in, Perfect Form & Synergy to HI-FI Systems

MASSAGE DISC© - Audiophile Version
Patent n. 1.415.104 of 2015

Enshrined in the "Research Report" of the European Patent Office on date 04/01/2014.

Coded CD-R.
Tracks: 77.
Time: 55 minutes and 32 seconds.

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Device on CD-R for the running-in, improvement and increasement the sound performances of electronic equipment, speakers, headphones, cables, hi-fi and audio/video systems, pro, etc.

This product consists in a patented method/process, contained in a device and designed for multiple uses. Its purpose is to improve electrical, electronic and electromechanical performances of any product subject to the transit, processing and transformation, of any form of energy. Briefly, this method improves:

  • "the response times, control and efficiency of the flow of energy".

For its particular and unique mode of operation, it has been called "Massage Disc©".

Created for the Audio systems, was later developed and patented for other specific high-tech sectors. There are, therefore, two "families" of Massage Disc©:

  • one dedicated to the Audio sector, whose devices are named "Audiophiles version" and "Pro";
  • the other created for all the other Technology sectors, "Massage E-Tech©".

1.1 Applications

The Massage Disc© intended for the "Audio" is for:

  • "Running-in",
  • "Perfect form" (improvement)
  • and "Synergy" (increase),


  • any audio equipment,
  • speakers,
  • headphones,
  • microphones,
  • electrical and optical cables, 

as well as entire systems:

  • hi-fi,
  • hi-end,
  • home theatre,
  • hi-fi car, 
  • Professional (concert, theatre, cinema, etc).

1.2 The Origin of Patent Method

For years, the "running-in" and "synergy" of equipment and cables didn't have a basic science that could explain their phenomena. The "running-in", for example, was intended as a simple "use" of audio components, while for "synergy" was intended a "coupling between right equipment", this in order to offset their different characteristics.

Dr. Francesco Piccione has analyzed for many years these phenomena from a scientific perspective and with an unusual approach. This led to the discovery of a new method, innovative and unique, in fact it is the first in the world to solve them permanently.

At last, his new scientific approach has solved the "running-in", with the need to maximize the functions of the individual components or a complete electronic system, through the completion of a special "method". The "synergy", however, was seen as the "rapid flow of energy from one point to another"; This ambitious aim is implemented through the completion of the "method" Massage Disc©.

The Massage Disc©, then, serves to operate efficiently and together all the components:

  • all internal elements to each electronic device;
  • all components of the sound system: from the digital player to your speakers.

This is made possible thanks to the unique properties of the patented method, which removes all the physical obstacles that block or limit the correct flow of the energy.


All Rights reserved ® - 2012/17 - Francesco Piccione.
Copyright © - ® All Right Reserved - 2012/17.
Any form of reproduction and unauthorized sale.
Any violation will be prosecuted according to the law according to the Italian code and internationally.

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